My Life Looks Nothing Like anyone else's and here's why

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A few years ago, I reached a boiling point in my life and needed a hard reset. I'm sure plenty of people have gone through a life changing moment, and mine came at the age of 24. 

I had lived in Cincinnati my whole life minus the four years away in Oxford for college, but still in Ohio. I had friends there, family, and a partner but I still was deeply unfulfilled. 

I'd been working as a pharmacy technician, and I knew that I could easily transfer the national license and secure a job anywhere, so I channeled all my efforts and made a move. 

I moved to Atlanta, Georgia with $8,000 and a dream.

As I hustled content position after another, I landed full time in another Pharmacy Technician position. Maneuvering through the entertainment industry as a content writer, I began to learn more about entrepreneurship and making your own money independent of an overhead instructor. 

I wrote all about it in my debut book When It's Time To Leap, and it thwarted me forward in my endeavor. 

I forced myself to look in the shadows of the things I didn't want to address. I stopped myself from feeling the consistently high levels of doubt, that assured me that I didn't belong in the elevated environments I now run in.

The thoughts of doubt ran rampant for long, until I promised to get real with myself, my effort and the situation. 

I asked myself the hard questions like:

Am I living up to my highest potential?

Am I presenting my best self?

Am I honoring myself and boundaries?

Will I look back and feel like I didn't do my best?

And swiftly those evaluating questions thwarted me into a deeper healing space. 

What set me apart from others so quickly was my devotion to the inner healing work. My desire to disrupt the feelings of sadness and despair to replace it with happiness and abundance. So often we admire the glow after the healing without honoring the dimmed light and darkness that occurs before it. So many of us are fearful of facing ourselves because it has been made so convenient to distract ourselves from reality. We also are so distracted that we never even get around to healing fully because we desire companionship to combat feelings of loneliness. 

The happiness you're longing for is through your heartbreak and confusion. Your illuminated purposes are intertwined in your darkest nights of sorrow. Will you be brave enough to do what it takes to live how you've never lived?


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