How Anxiety taught me how to spot relationships not meant for me

Posted by Alicia Williams on

I learned rather quickly that the wrong person, whether it be in friendship or relationship, will make you feel trapped in a cage. As a result, it typically triggers a stress emotion or anxiety/panic, which is our body's response to high stress situations. 

As people, we are naturally inclined to want to feel free, and we have all become so used to journeying with masks that we yearn to be seen in the essence of our authentic self. This is where the triggered emotions come to play. 

  • The trapped caged feeling triggers your deep seeded fears around commitments and loss.

I find myself coping with this trigger through detachment. Detaching yourself can make it difficult for others to connect with you. So the fix is to acknowledge that everything is borrowed and nothing permanent, and offer gratitude and ease of transition of things you possess. 

  • You will consistently Self Sabotage with people who don't align with you.

Whether it be a disconnect in lifestyles, or a difference in life paths, you will naturally reject anything that is not serving your natural, greatest good. The fix is to trust and respect your own judgment. If intuition peaks at first instance trust it and don't move forward. 


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